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We believe that this Course will help empower you to move forward in your finances, and that through applying these principles God will lead you into greater financial freedom.

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Pastor Gunnar Johnson

Gunnar Johnson

Jeff Lestz

Jeff Lestz

This is

This is

Pastor Gunnar Johnson is the founder of Learn Generosity in Dallas, Texas and the author of Generous Life Journey and Generous Church Journey. As a business entrepreneur, he has established, owned and operated two successful companies.

Gunnar has been happily married to Missy, his high school sweetheart, since June 1996. They have three children—Faith, Katelyn and Elijah. He has been an active board member of Christian Stewardship Network since 2005 and a vocational pastor since 2004. Gunnar rides his Harley Davidson motorcycle to work and loves virtually any sport that involves a board. Gunnar knew at the age of seventeen that he was called into full-time ministry, but didn't want to have anything to do with it. He grew up in a Christian home, which had fallen apart when he was thirteen. After a season of searching, he realized he had a major problem in life – a sin issue – and eventually accepted Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. Then, his life really began to make sense. Gunnar brings the message of stewardship to thousands of people in the United States, as well as reaching across international borders, to Europe and Israel.

Jeff is the Stewardship Pastor at Hillsong Church London, the co-CEO of Genistar Ltd, a London-based financial education and financial services company, and the author of True Riches. He has devoted over thirty-five years to financial education. His mission is to help people to understand both the biblical and practical aspects of how to live financially free.

Jeff is married to the love of his life from high school years, Margo. They celebrated their 40th anniversary in December 2015. He is a Licensed Auctioneer. Jeff was born and raised in a Jewish family. Through a series of traumatic events, he was orphaned at only seven years old. At age twelve, after struggling in one foster home after another, he ran away and lived on the streets of Chicago, Illinois. Eating out of rubbish bins and sleeping in alleyways was his harsh reality until age fifteen, when following a sudden and miraculous encounter with God, his life began to dramatically change.

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